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SSC112 Soil Ecology (Fall Quarter) - The course is intend to provide students with an overview of the living constituients present in soils, their interactions, and the importance they provide to ecosystem services.  The impact of micro-, meso-, and macroorganisms , and soil properties will be discussed. Pratical applications of soil biological diversity for remediation of pollutants, composting, and biological control in agriculture will be provided and discussed.

SSC 211 Advanced Soil Microbiology (Fall Quarter - offered in alternate years, only graduate students) - The course was develped by Dr. Kate Scow. It is a discussion-based discipline, requiring literature reading on novel methods of soil microbiology, microbial metabolism associated with biogeochemical cycles, practial applications in agriculture and resource conservation.

MIC 120 Microbial Ecology (Spring Quarter) - Interactions between non-pathogenic microorganisms and their environment, emphasizing physiological and metabolic character- istics of various groups and their adaptation to and modification of specific habitats.

SSC 290
Methods in Microbiome Research (Winter 2016/2017) - This is a seminar for graduate students interested in learning about current methods to identify and characterize microorganisms in environmental samples. We will discuss patterns of community structure and relationship to biogeochemical cycles.

Course taught in the past:

BIOL 3444 General Microbiology - Basic information about a microbial cell.

BIOL 3445 Methods in Molecular Microbiology - Discovery based course providing basic methods in molecular biology being applied to environmental microbiology. Isolation procedures, DNA extraction, phylogeny, cloning, PCR, and DNA sequencing.

BIOL 5101 Ecological Genomics  (graduate students only)

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